Best Kite Surfing Boards for Beginners

Kite surfing is one of the most exciting and demanding sports in the whole world. It requires a lot of physical and mental strength to keep yourself balanced and secure when all the forces of the nature try to push you down. The sport manages to connect the surfer and the nature in a very unique way. Unlike the normal surfing, you will also have to learn how to work with the wind, not just waves. Starting this sport means that you will have to have a lot of dedication in order to learn how to keep yourself on the surface. But choosing the right equipment can be quite challenging, especially in the beginning. We have listed some of the best kite surfing boards for beginners in order to make your choice easier.

The Design

The design of the board is very important, and you will see that there are many variations. There are some boards that have both ends straight. These help you have more balance on the water but give you less freedom to move. They are very good for beginner surfers because the straight ends help you stay more balanced and help you avoid any swift moves that may knock you off the board. The other type of boards has one of the ends sharpened in order to help you move around more easily. This side of the sharp part depends from surfer to surfer. You will see that many have their own favorite side. Don’t look just at the professionals. If you choose this type of board, you should try and see what side fits you the best. The last variation is the board with both sharpened ends. This type of board offers a lot of freedom but also makes you lose balance much more quickly. This is the board suitable for the freestylers.

The Boards

Liquid Force Echo Kiteboard is the perfect choice if you like balance. It has both of the ends straight and gives you a lot of balance. The board is very flexible but has a very high endurance. The models available give you a lot of freedom of choice when it comes to colors and patterns. It is an excellent board for the starters and the price is not that high. Liquid Force Moon Patrol Kiteboard is the perfect choice if you like freedom and balance. One of the edges is sharp but in a very smooth way. This way you get a lot of stability while still being able to have some movement freedom. The outer pattern is very modern, and it is suitable for every taste. The board is very flexible but offers a long durability.

Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard is one of the thinnest and lightest variations. You will have many pattern options and the curvature of the board is very smooth and pleasant. The price is not very steep, and you are guaranteed to get a very high-quality board. It is suitable if you want to try out tricks on your very first day of kite surfing.