Choosing Kitesurfing Gear for Plus Size Riders

People who are overweight and on the plus size often stay away from trying adventure sports because of their fear of not being able to handle a dire situation. While they stick to some of the safer sports, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be trying other adventure sports that involve a lot more running around. Kitesurfing and other water-based activities have a stigma for being something that only attracts the fit and slim adventurists. What many plus-sized people don’t realize that almost every sport is inclusive with the right gear and they should take courage that there are safety equipment and vests for all sizes. They would undoubtedly be safe in the water and have a good time too irrespective of their size. If you are over 95 kilos and want to be able to kitesurf, then there are kites available that will be able to handle your weight in the market.

They don’t necessarily have to worry about staying upwind even in low wind knots. The size of the board will also vary and is available for the up-sized person. Their ability to steer the board and kite will best be judged by their comfort on the board that is meant for the plus-sized person. The size of the kite needed should be at least 17m and a kiteboard that is over 165cms. The right size will ensure that they can stay upwind even in winds with smaller knots of 15. For every 5 kilos over the 95 mark, riders will need 2 or 3 meters more in the size of the board they choose. One of the best kinds of kites that are made for the plus-sized rider is the Cabrinha Switchblade, Rally Catalyst or Ozone Zephyr. Many riders also like the Best Roca for its comfort. As far as board gom the best ones are the Ocean Rodeo Mako or the Spleene Door, while some rider prefers Litewave Wing or Liquid Force Libre.

Information for Learners Who Are plus Sized

If you choose to go to a kite school for kitesurfing lessons, you will find that they rarely have larger sized boards or kites. The instructors also are not very comfortable with teaching plus-sized people, and that’s a shame. Stay away from kite schools that don’t have the required size for your experience and force you to stick to a 12m kite for a 15-knot wind. The experience would only steer you away from wanting to learn and experience the real excellent adventure of the sport. If you still want to use a school, then rent your own board and kite and go to the instructor for classes. Keep the power and weight ratio in mind always. If you are unable to find the larger size in a kite, it still could work as the size of the board will be able to keep you stable. Soon as you get the hang of kitesurfing, you will be able to choose a kite and board that is best suited for your abilities.