Dangers You Will Possibly Encounter While Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing seems a hazardous sport from far off, especially to someone afraid of water or heights. It’s suitable for people new to kitesurfing to be cautious, but overestimating the dangers of kitesurfing may never allow you to take up the sport. If you imagine all kinds of worst-case scenarios like death or fractures, you’ll never be able to take up the sport. Also, you won’t know the reality of dangers you can encounter while kitesurfing. Like any other adventure sports, kitesurfing also has some risk. But if you know your surroundings and equipment well enough, you need not worry. Let’s take a look at types of dangers you can face during kitesurfing. 

Dangers due to personal errors

Most injuries during kitesurfing occur due to lack of practice or not having enough experience. The fundamental mistakes, like choosing the wrong equipment or going out in extreme weather, are the most hazardous. The size of the kite should be perfect. You can observe others or take help of the wind meter to choose your kite. Kitesurfing with both, too big or too small kite can end up badly. One can overpower you, and you’ll lose control, and the smaller one might not be able to handle you and crash. Other Kitesurfing errors include bad landing or failed launch. Both of these are results of not having good enough kitesurfing skills.

Poor weather conditions

Sometimes you start kitesurfing with the right equipment, but the weather suddenly changes in between. Change of wind speed in a short time is sporadic but can happen. Experienced kite surfers can manage the change in wind speed, but beginners can get severely injured. You should always be aware of the weather forecast of the area you’re kitesurfing in. Also, you should avoid going too far away from the land. Getting caught in high waves or high current zone is another danger. Try to not be too adventurous in the early stages of your learning process. Always kitesurf far from the danger zones.

Equipment failure

The line break is the most common and dangerous equipment failure one can face during kitesurfing. The line break leads to one line break after another due to the increased stress on the remaining lines. To avoid line breaks, you should keep checking your strings regularly. If you find anything wrong with the lines, replace them. Also, have a hook knife with yourself while going for kitesurfing. Other than the line break, the occurrence of harness break is also a possibility. Always try to buy a high-quality harness to be on the safe side.

Other Dangers

Other than these mainstream dangers, there are some other Kitesurfing hazards too. These hazards aren’t prevalent, but still, there’s a slight possibility. Colliding with other Kitesurfers or any other obstacles can injure you severely. In these types of hazards, luck plays a significant role, but with excellent Kitesurfing skills and experience, you can avoid a collision. Another factor that is very crucial while kitesurfing is your health. Never go for kitesurfing if you’re not feeling well. Kitesurfing needs all the strength and focus, which an I’ll person lacks.