Essential Kite Surfing Gear

If you enjoy kite surfing and are out in the open water often then you know the importance of having the right gear and safety equipment when you are surfing. Having the right gear can make all the difference. This is a fun and exhilarating sport, one that people all over the world enjoy, however, it can be dangerous. With these few pieces of equipment though you can ensure that you have a safe and fun adventure out on the water. If the right safety mechanisms are used, and used properly then this sport can be fun and thrilling, instead of scary and dangerous. The main safety feature when it comes to kite surfing is the fact if the surfer is to let go of the main bar for some reason then the kite stops working, ensuring that you are not swept away should you lose control. This is one of the most popular designs as it is the most practical and helpful to both new and experienced surfers. Here are a few other safety systems that help surfers stay safe out on the water.

Kite Surfing Gear with Inflatable Safety Release Systems

With is system there are many advantages and safety mechanisms that will help the surfer. The way that the system is set up, if the surfer is not holding the bar then the kite will become inoperative. You must hold the control bar for it to work, should you fall or lose balance the kite will stop. It also has a safety harness, this can attach to either your wrist or your ankle and can help you to regain control should you drop the bar. This system is great if you are a beginner and what the ease and safety of being able to stop the kite and have a bit more control over the system as well. Once you get down the basics you’ll be able to go longer periods without stopping as well.

Kite Surfing Gear with Dead-Man Safety Release Systems

The previous types of systems were great, but they have one small and rare flaw. They only work is the surfer is conscious, should he lose consciousness. However, this system stops if the surfer becomes unconscious, the air is related from the kite and the surf board stops. The system is advantageous because ugly accidents are prevented like this. All kites have different systems and they all have different advantages. Be sure you find the right one for you before you start your adventure.  As always be smart while out there, if you feel the kite getting away from you then stop and take a break, don’t push yourself or your equipment beyond what you can control. We want you to be safe and comfortable when out on the water, not at risk of injury. So always be safe and wise while on the water and also have the proper equipment and we’re sure you’ll learn to love the sport as much as we do.

Kite Surfing Gear