Great Action Movie Scenes featuring Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is one of the most intriguing and exciting sports known to man. It involves a lot of skills and adrenaline, so it is obvious to have kite surfing scenes in action movies. Those kinds of movies focus more on the adrenaline rushes and you need to see the characters in amazing situations. There are many movies that tell the great stories about kite surfing. Getting the skills to perform in such a sport requires a lot of dedication and work. You need to be physically and mentally prepared to go toe to toe with nature itself. We have listed some of the best action movies featuring kite surfing in order to get you fascinated with this sport.


Atandroy is a movie that was filmed in the beautiful coast of Madagascar. The movie focuses on the amazing nature that is found here, so it comes naturally to have water sports involved. This movie features some of the best kite surfing scenes in the movie history. The most beautiful ones focus on the main character that is blown away by the wind on the crystal-clear waves that surround this amazing island.

Chapter One

Chapter One is a movie that truly focuses on the beauty and diversity of this sport. You will find countless scenes that presents the actors sliding smoothly on the waves like they were born to do this. The movie presents the stories of some amazing athletes and their journey to becoming the best in this sport. The diversity of scenery is truly amazing, and, thanks to this movie, you will better understand the beauty behind this sport. You may even find the inspiration to start this sport after seeing this movie and, if you already practice kite surfing, you will definitely find the will to be the best.

Hidden Lines

Hidden Lines is another great movie that focuses on the story of a couple. This is the third movie from a very beautiful series and has some amazing kite surfing scenes right in the beginning. There were many stunts used in order to film them because of their high complexity. There is even a scene where you will see the two main characters doing kite surfing on the same board. This is something very brave to do given the fact that it requires a lot of physical strength and communication.

The Gift

The Gift is a movie that focuses on the relationship between the kite surfer and the nature. The movie tells the love story that arises between the waves and the surfer. You can consider it a very beautiful tribute to the amazing gift we have from the nature: the waves. The kite surfing scenes are simply glorious, and you will definitely feel inspired and more respectful after watching this movie.


Upwind is a documentary that tells the story of kite surfing from its beginning. It is a very beautiful movie that is definitely worth watching.