Greatest Kitesurfing Athletes

We bring you a list of some of the most celebrated sports personalities that ever played the fascinating game called kitesurfing.

Carlos Mario

This Brazilian professional kitesurfer, whose full name is Carlos Mario Monteiro da Silva, is currently rated number 1 in Men’s Ranks of The WKL Kiteboarding World Cup 2017. He was born on the 22nd of January 1998, in Caucaia, Brasile. Mario was champion of the 2016 World Kiteboarding League (WKL), and he made his debut in the 2010 league.

Liam Whaley

Rated number 2 in Men’s Ranks of The WKL Kiteboarding World Cup 2017, Liam Whaley was born in Spain on the 4th of November 1996. He began his career in kitesurfing at a very early age of 12. When he became 13 and relocated with his family to Tarifa, Spain, he started training as a professional kitesurfer. After going through rigorous training sessions in the company of the best riders globally in Brazil, Whaley entered the Spanish championships in 2011 and emerged as a champion of Spain. In 2012, he became champion in Europe. He achieved this feat when he was only 15. In that same year, he qualified for the world tour stop that took place in France; and he finished 4th. Also, he has several other notable accolades and is, indeed, one of the greatest riders in the game.

Bruna Kajiya

This is a Brazilian World champion rider, who is currently rated as number 1 in Women’s Ranks of the WKL Kiteboarding World Cup 2017. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, her full name is Bruna Kajiyabruna Kajiya. Her best move is Powered Back Mobe. In 2009, she was World champion in the Kitesurfing category. Some of her other achievements are FirstMondial Du Vent 2009; First Kite-Extreme Brazil 2008; First Colgate Kite surf World Cup 2008; First Venezuela Kiteboarding World Cup 2008; FirstMovistar Venezuela World Cup 2007, etc. Others are Second Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2014; Second Tarifa Pro Kite Tour 2014; Second Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup 2014 and so on.

Stefan Spiessberger

Currently holding the number five spots in Men’s Rankings of The WKL Kiteboarding World Cup 2017, Stefan Spiessberger is regarded as the best rider in Austria. He taught himself kitesurfing by practicing on Lake Traunsee as a child. When he had improved his skills all summer, in 2008 he ultimately moved to Egypt. In this country, he mastered new tricks at a school. After about a year later, he emerged as a champion of the Austrian Freestyle tournament. Since then, he has some other trophies including finishing 1st in 2013 at the KTE in Spain and 4that the PKRA in 2012 in Holland. At the KRA Dakhla/Morocco 2015 competition, he was 5th.

Stefan Spiessberger

Annabel van Westerop

At the moment, Annabel van Westerop is rated 2nd in the Women’s Rank of the WKL Kiteboarding World Cup 2017. Born on the 21st of February, 1994, she is from Aruba in Holland and has been residing there since she was 11. She has been featuring in competitions since 2013 and was 3rd overall best in 2016 World Championships. Also, she won a silver medal in the 2017 world championships held in Columbia.