How Much Does it Cost to Take Up Kitesurfing

When you’re starting with kitesurfing, you’ll have to buy a kitesurf quiver first. One of the best moments as a kitesurfer is purchasing the first kitesurf quiver you’ll be using. You might know the feeling of getting something new. You’ll always feel joy when you obtain new equipment or gear. Even those who’ve often been getting new stuff will still feel joy every time they get new stuff. So you must know what kind of kitesurf quiver you need as a beginner once you’re prepared to begin your adventure into kitesurfing. The equipment that you’ll need to purchase as well as their prices are available below. If you need more information on the costs and what you need, then you can conduct more research.

1. Kite

Majority of people will only need a single kite. One kite is good enough if the place you will go kitesurfing in has consistently stable conditions. For other kitesurfers that will be going to places that have varying conditions, you might need two kites of varying sizes. Having two kites will make it so that you can go kitesurfing on most days. A new kite will cost from a thousand to two thousand dollars each depending on the size of the kite. A used kite will cost you six hundred to a thousand dollars.

2. Control Bar

For most cases, you’ll only need one control bar. Ensure that the connections of the line are compatible with the connection points of the kite. The points will differ depending on the brand you purchase. Check if the safety system of the control bar will let the kite flag out when it activates. A new control bar will cost from three hundred and fifty to six hundred and fifty dollars each. A used control bar will cost you a hundred to four hundred dollars.

3. Board

Boards have different shapes, and they come in varying sizes. It depends on what kind of discipline you’ll be following. Your kitesurfing level is also a factor. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need a board that’s on the larger end, and it should have a flat rocker that’s gentle, which makes it easier to get used to kitesurfing. A new board will cost you around six hundred dollars. A used board will cost you approximately four hundred dollars.

4. Harness

Harnesses are better than they’ve been in the past. They have gone through significant developments recently since there have been hard shell harnesses that were introduced. Hardshell harnesses are the popular choice among kitesurfers due to how much more support they give. The hard shells aren’t cheap, which means that buying a hard shell harness will cost you more. A new harness will cost you a hundred to four hundred dollars.

Should You Be Buying New Or Used?

Many beginners will be asking if they should buy their equipment new or used. If you have enough money to purchase new equipment, then you should be buying your equipment new. The most modern kitesurfing gear is significantly better than it used to be years ago. Recently developed beginner kites aren’t challenging to use, and their flight patterns are predictable. On the other hand, older kites aren’t as stable as the new ones, and they’re challenging to relaunch. When you’re a beginner, a kite with a predictable flight pattern is what you need.