Is Kitesurfing A Dangerous Sport?

Kitesurfing which is also known as kiteboarding is usually considered to be a dangerous sport. If you have watched other people kiteboarding or even videos of other people doing so, you may have seen people been up into the air and dragged down the beach. This post will educate you on how dangerous kitesurfing is and things that make the sport extremely risky.

Is Kitesurfing Dangerous?

Kitesurfing has been gaining popularity in the media for the last ten years. The media only gets to talk about kitesurfing when a lousy incident occurs. This gave kitesurfing a very negative image and is being reputed as a bad and extremely dangerous sport. The negative image given to the kitesurfing sport only helped to spike the interest of Christiaan Van Bergen who is a Dutch kitesurfer and a surgeon. He began a quest to find out the answer to questions which has been asked by a lot of people whether kitesurfing is dangerous.

Christiaan, together with a team of 4 other Dutch doctors worked exclusively on kitesurfing patients for 2 years. They discovered the following facts in the course of their mini-research;

  • An average of just seven persons get an injury from every 1,000 hours that people spend kitesurfing.
  • This average number of injuries is quite higher in other sports for every 1,000 hours people spend in the sports
  • American football, for instance, an average of 36 persons get injured for every 1,000 hours that people spend playing the sport.
  • For soccer, the average of 19 people gets injured for every 1,000 hours people spend playing the sport.

So, in conclusion, on the average, the soccer game is more risky kitesurfing. This does not imply that there is no risk involved in the sport.

What Make the Kitesurfing Sport Dangerous?

When You Try Teaching Yourself

You should make it a rule never to teach yourself kite surf. Although there are videos and tutorials on how to begin the kitesurfing sport, these videos do not prepare you for any unexpected incidents that and how to react to them.

Always get your first lessons from a certified instructor to learn the safety measures that come with the game.

Practicing In a Windy Weather

As a beginner, even as an expert, you should avoid practicing when the wind is strong. A strong windy condition makes it unsafe for you to surf. A mistake made when the wind is light is not as dangerous as a mistake made when the wind is strong. Ensure that you do not kite at over 25 knots as a beginner.

Take a Kite That Is Too Big

What most people do not know is that the more significant a kite is, the more power it has. When launching a kit that is too big for you, coupled with the wrong wind condition, you may lose control of the kite and be dragged or lifted. An expert should recommend the best kite for you.

Make sure to be safe and secure when you are kitesurfing or involved in any other risky sport.

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