Where to Go Kite Surfing in the UK

Kite surfing has recently become some of the most popular water sports world wide. This is thanks to the fun that comes with this sport and due to the fact that it can be a family activity. There are countless kite surfing locations worldwide, from Sri Lanka to Australia. A good kite surfing location must have powerful find in order to be successful. We have selected some of the most popular kite surfing spots in the UK in order to help you choose your next weekend destination.

St Ives bay is located in Cornwall. It is suitable for all weather types. The bay has a very long coast and you can choose from different kite spots. The northern and southern limits of this bay are only 15 minutes of driving away. British Kite Surfing Champion Lee Pasty recommends this bay as the best place for kite surfing in the UK. He is also original from Cornwall and said that this is the place where he first learnt this sport.

New Hunstaton is located in Norfolk. This is the place where The British Kite Surfing Championship was help. In order to be a competition location, the beach had some very specific standards to reach. Given the fact that all the participants were very happy with the location we advise you to give it a shot. If it is good for the professionals, it must be good for us too. This location is perfect for low tides. Marazion is located in Cornwall and it is the perfect location for winter kite surfing. During the winter the waves are powerful, giving you enough speed. British Champion Lee Pastry also recommends this location thanks to the diversity of wind directions that make you feel that you are in a different location.

Troon is located in Scotland and it is considered the perfect kite surfing spot for beginners. There are large areas to launch in the water and the waves are relatively small given the fact that this is one of the windiest locations in Europe.

Lancing beach is located in Brighton and it is the host of Brighton Kite Surf and SUP Academy. This location regularly hosts events and championships and allegedly has the highest density of kite surfers in the UK. This is the perfect spot if you search for fellow surfers and want to socialize. This location is also perfect for beginners given the sandy, rock less beaches and small waves. Some parts of this region give high waves for the professionals.

Brighton Kite Surf

East Beach is located in Southend-on-Sea. There is a very strong kite surfing community here and you can find many instructors and rental shops. The location offers many locations for beginners and some special places designated only for pros.

St Anne’s Beach is located in Blackpool and it is a very popular meeting point for kite surfing lovers. It is the best for professionals and the beginners may feel a bit left aside given the density of experienced kite surfers.