Where to Take Kite Surfing Lessons

Kite surfing has become some of the most popular summer sports in the world. The popularity of this sport increased thanks to the fun that comes with it and the fact that it can be done by the whole family and it is relatively easy to learn and grasp. Learning this sport can prove to be quite challenging in the beginning. We have selected some of the best locations that will help you learn how to kite surf or improve the existing skills.

Kite surfing camp in Sardinia, Italy. This 6-day camp will definitely teach you the basic skills of kite surfing in the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia has more than 1800 km of coastline perfect for this sport. The region is also known as one of the windiest in southern Europe. The camp offers courses for all levels and it is suitable for a family vacation.

Kite surfing camp in Portugal. The perfect spot for kite surfing in this country is Maceda, near the food and wine capital of Porto. This place is perfect thanks to the crystal-clear water and powerful wind. The Portuguese coastline stretches for more than 1600 km and the proximity of the inland mountains guarantees powerful wind throughout the year. The food in this region is also amazing. You can find courses for all levels of knowledge, making this region perfect for a family vacation.

Flag beach in Fuerteventura has become a hot spot for kite surfing lovers. This beach attracts many professional kite surfers and also organizes competitions. You can learn from one of the licensed teachers how to kite surf. This area is full of kite surfing schools, so you will be guaranteed a good teacher. This area is very popular among tourists thanks to the architectural attractions so this can also transform in a family vacation.

Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka is another wonderful destination for kite surfing. Being located at the edge of the Indian Ocean, this location guarantees perfect wind and powerful waves. You can quickly find a kite surfing instructor. This location attracts many professional players and in the last year it has become a hot spot for many competitions. Be aware of the high waves and you will learn kite surfing in no time.

Sri Lanka kite surfing

Dakhla in Morocco also offers a wide range of kite surfing schools. This region offers amazing landscapes and crystal-clear water. The wind can be quite powerful given the fact that the mountains are very close to the ocean. The waves can sometimes prove challenging but with the help of your instructor you will learn kite surfing in no time. This international destination will prove extremely interesting.

Paje in Zanzibar offers a truly unique experience. This country has a breathtaking beauty itself and the crystal-clear water will make you want to stay forever. This beach is recognized as some of the best for kite surfing, so you will quickly find an instructor. Take some time to visit the surroundings for a unique experience.